This Glossary explains terms and principles of the Light Universe as well as elements which appear during the story of Hawks Effect. To prevent spoilers, the authors provide the glossary divided into sections according the episodes.

Episode 1

Aeternus  –  One of five Clusters (nations) within the Light Universe, settled in the southwest portion of Nedara.   Their ideology values Discipline and Honor as well as freedom for all.  At the beginning of the story, Aeternus is in cold war against Draconis.

For detailed information see tome entitled History of Aeternus.

Carbon World – The world called Earth and its universe. This plane of existence is comprised of life based on carbon. This is also called the Carbon Universe.  Most Nedarans consider the existence of “Carbon Worlders” or Carbonites as a myth; a story related to children as fairytales.  Nedarans in the upper echelon know otherwise.

CCE – Core Conversion Energy. This is the only means of power known in the Simulacron.  CCE is energy bound to the waves of light flowing through the Simulacra. Long ago, Sempai scientists have found a way to trap that light and siphon off pure CCE. This energy is funneled into charging stations throughout the world. In the present day, all technology operates through CCE.  In its raw or most concentrated form, it is referred to as Proto CCE.  The easiest way of transporting unstable CCE is in disk form.

Clusters  –  Quasi-Political factions within the continent of Nedara based on ideology, and partially framed by geographic location and divisions of specialties. Carbon Worlders would see Clusters as nations.  There are currently five Clusters in Nedara; Aeternus, Draconis, Doromanbay, Sempai and the T’Haire Generis.

Doromanbay – One of five Clusters (nations) within the Light Universe settled in the central portion of Nedara. Their ideology values a “live and let live” mindset and a hedonistic lifestyle. Their biggest strong suit lies in Politics and Negotiation.  As stewards of the largest of freshwater reservoirs in Nedara, they enjoy the most fertile region in the entire continent.

Draconis – One of five Clusters (nations) within the Light Universe settled in the northwest portion of Nedara. Their ideology values Strong Rule, an obedient populous, and Order by any means necessary. Due to a variety of factors, this region has the least amount of water reserves.  For centuries, out of necessity, they have engaged in frequent conflicts with their neighbors.  A water sharing treaty currently exists between Draconis and the Doromanbay, brokered by the T’Haire Generis. Draconis is currently in a cold war against Aeternus.

Grand Script – The record of all possible outcomes and futures for all life within the Light Universe, which is able to be controlled or manipulated as needed by the Guardian of the Source. It can also be read and interpreted (but not altered) by the Revered Mother of the T’Haire Generis.

Guardian of the Source (GotS) – Considered a God by the inhabitance of Nedara, this being is acknowledged as the creator of Nedara and steward of the Wellspring, the source of all Code Conversion Energy. He is also charged with maintaining balance and order within the entire Light Universe.

Initiators – A special class of Core Conversion Energy manipulators who are sensitive to and adept at manipulating the flow of CCE through the use of special optics.  Their eye wear allows them to focus the energy, and by the use of special codes typed into a projected “virtual keyboard” they are able to manipulate CCE to create or destroy matter on a limited basis by Hacking. Some Initiators specialize in constructing protective barriers for defense, while others still are able to enhance or degrade human abilities.  The rarest of these are even able to perform virtual surgery on a patient using highly focused CCE to knit bone, regenerate tissue, and remove foreign bodies (including poison) from a patient’s body.   Specialized Initiators are highly coveted and prized by both the Aeternus and Draconis Clusters, often serving in a military capacity; most notably in “Black Ops” operations.

Nedara – A Simulacron within the Light Universe with the highest concentration of intelligent life. Also refers to the Realm or region, where our story takes place. Specifically, it refers to the central landmass which is surrounded by a toxic ocean.

Recall – The act of using an energy transfer via Core Conversion Energy to quickly transport Nedaran soldiers or materials from one location to another without degradation of the host. Some would refer to it as “teleportation” or “beaming.”  This is accomplished on the field through the use of either a portable Recall generator or a ground based Recall station.  While there was once many permanent Recall stations that dotted the entirety of Nedara, due to the many wars during the past history of this world, most are now destroyed.  There are also rumors of possible Recall stations somewhere within Broadspace, but for most Nedarans, they are only a myth.

Script – A program initiated by use of Core Conversion Energy to cause or produce a desired (or undesired) effect. They are typically used for physical enhancements to assist with a person’s life path (i.e. intelligence, strength), increase fertility, or for any other desired improvement. Most Scripts are assigned to citizens of Nedara on a case by case basis by the Revered Mother of the T’Haire Generis.  “Black Scripts” from dubious sources also exist. These tend to be unreliable or unstable.

Sempai – One of five Clusters (nations) within the Light Universe settled in the eastern portion of Nedara. Their ideology values Technological Advancement and Scientific Know-how. They are regarded by the other Clusters as a strategic ally.

Shrouded Isle – Legendary home of the Guardian of the Source, and the Wellspring. It is protected from human intrusion by an energy barrier.

Simulacron/Light Universe  –  A world beyond what you call Earth.  A Simulacron is not a distant planet, but a realm that exists on a separate plane of existence.  All life in the Light Universe is comprised of light in various forms.  Though it has been referred to as the Light World or Light Universe, intelligent beings, which live within those environments simply refer to their habitat as “the world” as we do.

(The) Source – That which controls and regulates all of creation.

T’Haire Generis – One of five Clusters (nations) within the Light Universe settled in Delphi on the southeast/south-central portion of Nedara. While not an actual Cluster per se, the T’Haire Generis are considered by the others as such. Their ideology values Spiritual Enlightenment, Creativity, and the Greatest Good for all Nedarans regardless of Cluster or status.

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