The Divine Illuminator

A search for the purpose in life through the examination of the creation of Nedara

Millennia ago all was Void.  Through the chaotic blackness, the Guardian emerged, bringing with Him Light to the dark.  This emergence has been the topic of great debate among scholars, but the T’haire Generis has taken the belief that the Guardian and the Void existed together for an indefinable length of time.  He was alone in the chaos until he summoned the light.

The Guardian banished the Void from existence, leaving only the infinite spectrum.  It is not known how long the Guardian was alone in the light, but after a period He spoke into the light and created the worlds of various Simulacra.  He gathered different streams of light and bent and shaped them into the land, the sea, the sky and the Broadspace.  Each element needed to sustain the life He would create, He crafted a world for.  Water, fire, food and air were poured into the worlds and cast into the Broadspace.

In the center, He created his jewel; life.  Modeling after His own features, He created the core of the first living being.  This core was a die for all other cores in existence.  It gathered light and energy into infinitely small complexities which formed a body and filled it with consciousness.  Bone, blood, nerves and skin formed from the light into a person.  Into this vessel, the Guardian poured Ambition, Wisdom, Compassion and Power, now considered to be the Four True Virtues.  Still, the body was without life and the Guardian used His power to create millions of cores and placed them on the crux of all worlds.

The crux is what we now call Nedara.  The Guardian set this world as one that would sustain life.  All the other worlds would provide the crux with water, heat, food and air.  The connection of the worlds is unknown.  All that is known is that the four elements are transported through Broadspace to different locations in Babylon.  The wellspring of water is located at Delphi between the towers.  Fire and heat arise from a shaft of indeterminable depth in Limbo.  Food is gathered on the Eastern shores below the mountains in Shazire.  And air is filtered through invisible vents in the sky from high above.

The birthplace of the Guardian’s creation of the universe is called the Source.  He took up residence here and has since been referred to as the Guardian of the Source.  The Guardian is the first known being and we offer up our prayers to him, that he might see fit to grant our needs.

In those first few millennia, little is known of the Guardian and his tasks. Possibly His greatest feat was the initiation of the Grand Script.  He spent eons orchestrating and applying the Grand Script to all living cores.  Not only that, but the Script itself would modify and adhere to new cores as new life was born.  Before Scripts, the people of the land were in chaos, and the Four Virtues were dormant.  The Grand Script brought order and purpose to life.  We call this ‘destiny.’

The Script governs all, yet few see it.  The purpose of life contained in the core of each individual goes largely undiscovered.  Those who can see the Grand Script can see the future.  Only the Revered Mother and her sister are said to possess this ability, but they are unable to change it.  They are able to alter an individual’s Script if required.  However, even their power over individual Scripts is limited to the leniency of the Grand Script itself.

The Script is contained in the core of each being.  The core is what attracts the various strands of light and energy and compacts it to form our bodies and conscience.  Beings created without a core, such as the Choir of the Draconista, are loosely bound.  In fact, they have little if any internal organs or blood.  The Four Virtues are absent in them, and as such, these beings follow orders as mindless robots.  They have no purpose in life but to obey and since they have no core, they are free from the Grand Script.

But we all have cores.  We have life and purpose.  Each person is charged with the use and propagation of their Virtues in a manner pleasing to the Guardian.  Some have forsaken some of the Virtues; Compassion usually being the first to be scorned, with Wisdom following close behind.  In this, those people are neglecting their duty and deviating from their Script.

What is on the path of each Script is not known.  Your purpose in life will be revealed to you when you are ready to see it.  Each person walks a different path but all meet the same end.  Death.

Death, in recent years, has been a dynamic state of being.  The body can die before the core releases itself, thus some doctors are able to bring a person back from the dead.  Some cores hold together much longer than others.  The longest recorded period of time between death and revival has been three days, though some disperse in three seconds.  It depends on the core and the Script.  Ages of study have been poured into this mystery of the connection between the core and the Script in death, but no definitive answer has been learned.  Only the Guardian is meant to know such things.

In our deaths, when our core releases its hold on the light and energy, it is sent back to the Source.  From there the Guardian will decide if the core should be reused or if it has successfully completed walking the path of the Script set before it.  The light and energy is scattered back into Nedara and mingles with all.  It can mix into CCE streams or into Broadspace or even be gathered by another core.  This is why some feel they have past lives.  It is quite common actually but offers no benefit or hindrance.

From birth to death our lives dance through the Grand Script.  Only by embracing the Four Virtues can we hope to reach the end of our Script and gain immortality through our union with the Source.  The T’haire Generis believe that by living out a life to the end and adhering to the Virtues, a being’s core will be transformed into consciousness and be allowed into paradise.  That is our goal, our purpose in life.

by Nicolas Hede 2006

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