Light Universe vs Carbon World

Hawks Effect takes place not in a single universe, but in two of them. This may appear confusing on the first sight. Why 2 universes? Isn’t one enough? Don’t we have enough things to discover and to explain in our own huge world, which is more than 13 Billions years old and has a size of approximately 400 Billion Lightyears in diameter?

Well, infact it’s not only those two universes, we’re talking about three of them – and maybe one more. But the Dark Universe doesn’t matter for the Hawkverse for now. For now….

So we have the Light Universe (LU) and the Carbon Universe (CU) because it’s plausible. It’s a concept of consistency.

Fermionic vs. Bosonic

Our Carbon Universe represents the entire fermionic universe – all known solid matter. The Simulacron/Light Universe is a bosonic Universe, consisting of known force-transmitting particles (and some more unknown) like photons, gluons, Z- and W-Bosons.

In all three universes the existing physical laws are sufficient to create complex structures and lives, but these “universes” are not independent: one has the other as a foundation – like ours is kept stable by forcetransmitting particles (bosons), the LU needs the carbon world as a framework or matrix to consist.

The dark matter in turn holds everything together and leads to the fact that existing energies (fermionic and bosonic) are almost “bundled” and form clusters.
Thus, these worlds are almost pushed together and interdependent, they also interact with one another. Events in one can have effects on the other, but are interpreted there as “blur” or “coincidence”.

A change between these universes is only possible because of these dependencies and interactions, but only for persons who can meet resonances in several universes and remain coherent there at all.

Transmitting from one universe to another is always a one-way street, you can not get anything from another universe into your own, but simply transport something from your own to another. To get back, you need the help of the respective universe. However, quite unknown “coincidences” and resonances can lead to the impression that it is a two-way connection: if a teleporter in a universe is coupled with another in a different universe, one can control the other.

by Rael Wissdorf & Rudi Golubich 2017

See both universes in action

Explore two worlds by yourself

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