Rael Wissdorf – Author

Rael Wissdorf

Rael Wissdorf was born in the city of Speyer, in Southwest Germany in January 1959. This makes him the Senior of the team.

Rael studied Music (Classical Guitar) at the “Akademie für Tonkunst” in Darmstadt as well as Jazzguitar at the Jazz Academy of Eddy Marron. He was employed at the “Staatstheater Darmstadt” as stage musician and worked as a composer for several stagings. In the same time he was the leader of an artrockband named “Electric Horus”. In 1984 he wrote, produced and directed a mystery movie with Actors from the local theater and an old celeb: Eddie Constantine.

1985 he went to writing and became Substitute Chief Redactor with the Filmmagazine “Filmfaust” in Frankfurt/M. Some years later he founded a computer game company with two mates and wrote stories and music for videogames. He also worked there as a Leveldesigner. 1999 his first book was published by Elefantenpress, Berlin, a mystery crime novel named “Shabu”.

Since 1999 Rael published two crime/mystery novels, a fantasy novel, shortstories, scifi novels and more with several publisher houses. In 2006 he began outlining of Hawks Effect, which was originally meant to become a basic story for an MMORPG and went much farther than he expected. All plans and the budget for a game were going to oblivion, but the novel remained.

“I had this idea in 2006,  as if Laurina were standing in front of me, pointing with a finger on my wicked body, saying: write it! Her entire personality revealed so clearly in my mind, that it was no effort to scetch out her portrait. I never again had such a flow in plotting out an entire universe. So I sat down and wrote the main plot of the entire saga within a month or so, more than 200 pages. Later I realized that this story would not get the attention it deserved, when I will publish in german language. I wanted to have it in english. Alas, I am not a native english writer.”

Therefore he spoke with Nicholas Hede and Frank Williams, which he knew from working on different english features. They joined in the team and contributed so much to the novel, that this was not longer a oneman show. Together they developed an epic scope around the fascinating character of Laurina Hawks.

Rael Wissdorf lives in Germany, near the city of Ulm, where Albert Einstein was born.