The opportunity to get into the story now – without any risk, with no cost to you. Just download Episode I and read immediately, as Kindle or EPub. Now get to know the story of Laurina, her unique and breathtaking journey into a completely different universe. Experience her most terrible moments and her meteoric rise. Fever with her in search of her family. Read here what others have to say about HAWKS EFFECT:

“When I cracked open the cover to Episode I of Hawks Effect, I did not expect to power read the entire book in one sitting. I found that I was actively engaged with believable characters the I could identify with in situations that, while fictions of fantasy, seemed to have a sense of realism, the ultimate goal of sci fi writing. The story had wonderful flow, a good pace and was easy to follow. It didn’t fall into many of the tropes that stories of this theme get locked into.”

Jeff Vorwald
Creator and Co-author of the series: Canvas Skies Wings of Freedom