Episode Five

Episode 5: Sanctuary

Time for Answers

After defeating the Draconista and their Choir, the Carbon Worlders and Aeternus soldiers seek sanctuary and commune with the Lupin Major to find a way to get to Perguntus and the Revered Mother. Meanwhile, Laurina struggles with guilt after decimating their pursuers with her latent power. Burdened with questions about its source and her true purpose in Nedara, she looks to Sirios for answers. Can the Wolf King offer her the clarity she so desperately needs?

This is Episode V of “Hawks Effect.” Will be continued with Episode VI: Phoenix Embers.

Bloody Hell! After everything we’ve gone through, the fighting, the struggles, the fear and uncertainty, and now this! To find out that one of these magnificent beings has to sacrifice its life for us is too much to bear. It’s just not fair!

Book Credits:
Rael Wissdorf, Nicholas Hede, Frank J. WilliamsIII
Published by: Trivocum Verlag, Egling, Germany
Cover Artwork: Sarah Richter

Copyright: Wissdorf/Hede/Williams 2019
All rights reserved.