Episode One

Episode 1
One last con

Street smart former dancer turned con artist, Laurina Hawks, receives a cryptic message from her sister who is working abroad in America. Turning to her brother Abel for help in decoding the message, they discover that she is in danger. Undaunted, Laurina decides to go to Phoenix Arizona to rescue her. Since travel airfare and lodging are expensive, and her funds are low, she must pull one last con to finance the trip. An accident after the meeting propels her into unfamiliar surroundings where danger lurks at every turn. Each person she meets has their own agenda. Now, someone wants her dead. As her resolve to save her sister is tested again and again, Laurina soon discovers that there are worse things than having Scotland Yard on your tail.

Something screamed inside her head. She looked up at the building again. It seemed to be fifteen or twenty stories high.
Jump! The thought came again.
Maybe if I get a running start I can reach the fire escape.

Book Credits:
Rael Wissdorf, Nicholas Hede, Frank J. WilliamsIII
Published by: Trivocum Verlag, Egling, Germany
Edited by: Chris Naumann
Cover Artwork: Sarah Richter

Copyright: Wissdorf/Hede/Williams 2017
All rights reserved.