Episode Four

Episode 4:
Laurina Rising


Laurina and the women are forced to flee along with Gavrael and the Aeternus soldiers.  Their last hope is gaining sanctuary from the mysterious denizens of SubLupina who still bear a deep resentment towards humanity.

With a horde of Draconian soldiers and ten clones of Praetor in hot pursuit, the group plays a desperate game of cat and mouse for their own survival.  Wracked with guilt over killing Praetor and with their backs against the wall, Laurina has no choice but to call upon her new found Power for protection, but is she willing to pay the price?

This is Episode IV of “Hawks Effect.” Will be continued with Episode V: Sanctuary.

Laurina had felt funny inside for the last hour as if something was going on behind the scenes, and she couldn’t quite tell what it was. This uncertain feeling caused her to remain aloof from her companions. After a time, an idea began to take shape deep inside of her consciousness. That idea coalesced into a single thought:

They are coming for you and your companions.

Book Credits:
Rael Wissdorf, Nicholas Hede, Frank J. WilliamsIII
Published by: Trivocum Verlag, Egling, Germany
Cover Artwork: Sarah Richter

Copyright: Wissdorf/Hede/Williams 2018
All rights reserved.