Laurina Hawks is the heroine for the new age.  Independent and talented, though imperfect, she is both capable and self-assured. Her journey of discovery will inspire you, while her wit and aplomb will bring a wry smile to your lips.

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What is Hawks Effect?

Hawks Effect is a Sci Fi story, consisting 10 Episodes. All episodes are available as both an eBook and a paperback. Klick here to learn more about the series.

What is it about?

While searching for her missing sister, Laurina Hawks is thrown into a different universe, where she will be forced to choose her role in a growing conflict. Will she be a slave to her destiny and the expectations of others, or will she carve out her own path amidst the chaos? Click here for more info about episode 1.

The Authors

Hawks Effect is written by an international team, consisting of German author and story originator Rael Wissdorf, Nicholas Hede from Wyoming and Frank J. Williams III from Minnesota. Their journey began 10 years ago when they met in NYC for a fateful dinner. Click here for more background info about the authors.

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