Episode Two

Episode 2
Dire Revelations

Blackmailed into a courier mission by the shadowy government entity that employed her sister, Laurina struggles to make sense of the new world she has fallen into.  Upon arrival, she is immediately targeted by both a military faction and a powerful woman with a dark agenda.  At her wit’s end, she gains valuable knowledge as a possible new ally appears, while behind the scenes, two overarching powers conspire to gain her cooperation for an even larger initiative.
Even more maddening, Laurina finds herself grappling with the fantastic and unpredictable energy that is slowly building within her body.

Tiny filaments from the ship’s Port Array were connected to his face, waving like cilia in the zero gravity. The combination of these and his dreads gave him the appearance of a male Medusa. His “pilot’s tears,” the tiny drop-like ports where the filaments made contact, flashed neon blue against his ebony cheeks as he made a minute course correction with his mind.

Book Credits:
Rael Wissdorf, Nicholas Hede, Frank J. WilliamsIII
Published by: Trivocum Verlag, Egling, Germany
Cover Artwork: Sarah Richter

Copyright: Wissdorf/Hede/Williams 2017
All rights reserved.