Episode Three

Episode 3
Dangerous Reunion

Trapped in Athena’s dark domain and forced to fight for her amusement, Galicia Hawks and Sinza Flanagan launch a risky gambit to escape from captivity and the unwanted attentions of Mert the sadistic guard captain.

Meanwhile, face to face with the realization that she is not in a simulation, Laurina Hawks is thrust into Athena’s deadly Arena and pitted against her stable of genetically constructed gladiators in an impossible fight to the death. With the eyes of Nedara focused on the spectacle, Laurina finds herself in crisis. Half naked and ill-equipped for the rigors of Bloodsport, will her emerging but unreliable new power be enough to ensure her survival?

This is Episode III of “Hawks Effect.” Will be continued with Episode IV: Laurina Rising.

Praetor had picked up the small woman, lifted her above his head and with a roar, launched her into the air. Laurina's form sailed high across the floor before crashing hard and sliding once again on the Arena’s gritty surface. Blood began to seep into the sand from her wounds and she coughed spasmodically, gaping like a fish out of water, as her vision began to fade. Praetor slowly walked over to his downed opponent, and the spectators roared as one, when he delivered a devastating kick to her midsection. The kick launched her into the air, and once again she landed hard onto the grounds. Again and again the armored monstrosity kicked her, with the crowd responding at each strike.
Laurina was feeling none of it.

Book Credits:
Rael Wissdorf, Nicholas Hede, Frank J. WilliamsIII
Published by: Trivocum Verlag, Egling, Germany
Cover Artwork: Sarah Richter

Copyright: Wissdorf/Hede/Williams 2017
All rights reserved.